Our story

In 1999, Juma Ventures was first to provide financial literacy and matched savings accounts to young people. The idea was simple: High school students (including those from low-income households) need only a small amount of financial education to inspire them to start saving. And once they start saving, they won't stop.

Research indicates that low income youth with savings accounts are seven times more likely to enroll in post secondary education.

Since the program began, Juma has opened opened matched accounts for more than 3,000 low-income students who have saved close to $2 million. Nearly all of these students have graduated from high school and more than 85 percent have gone on to college, despite being first in their families to do so.

CollegeSet is Juma’s fundraising platform which helps us involve others to match students’ savings and give them a jumpstart. Together we can empower this group of young people to pursue their dream and shape their own futures.

As a Juma Venture, CollegeSet supports Juma’s mission.

Juma strives to break the cycle of poverty by paving the way to work, education and financial capability for youth across America.

Seed funding for the CollegeSet initiative was provided by BlackRock.
Other supporters of Juma’s financial capacity include:

Our Team

CollegeSet is a Juma Venture and it is fully managed by the Juma team. These are the same passionate individuals who believe underprivileged youth can defy their odds if given a chance.

Meet our leadership.